Putting the science of leadership at your fingertips.

The world today needs a whole new way of thinking about leadership. No more pyramids. No more top-down bosses. Leadership can emanate just as effectively from the bottom up, the middle out, and in concentric circles around a core network or vision.

You no longer need to climb a corporate ladder to reach a place of impact or make decisions that influence. You can start today, from wherever you are. There is good science available now — to support you in key leadership domains of decision-making, communication, collaboration, authenticity, emotional intelligence and engagement—and I want to put it into your hands. The days when one had to be extroverted, charismatic, authoritative — or even simply a white male — in order to claim a corner office (which no longer exists) are over. Today leadership is no longer the province of the few…it is the land of opportunity for anyone from any culture, background, race, nationality or gender. 

I have been an executive coach and organizational psychologist for over twenty years — but I think of myself more as an organizational anthropologist: I am always on the lookout for the patterns, the shifts the undercurrents of change that our places of work experience on a daily basis. I work with all kinds of leaders — young and not-young, C-suite and CEO to first line manager — and my passion is helping every one of my clients unleash their full potential as a leader no matter where they sit.

In spite of what we see in the politically charged 24-hour news cycle with autocratic leaders rising into power in many countries, I actually see a quiet revolution on the leadership landscape that is taking us in a completely different direction — away from authoritarian, top down alpha style leadership more towards a collaborative, inclusive, partnering approach to leading — where the goal is not just to drive to a result, but to generate the best ideas and leverage the creativity of everyone.

Jeffrey Hull, Ph.D. is an author, educator and consultant with over twenty years experience partnering with C-suite executives on issues of high performance leadership, change management, organizational strategy, structure and culture. Dr. Hull is a highly sought-after facilitator, keynote speaker and executive coach to both non-profit and for-profit global organizations.

Dr. Hull is Director of Education & Business Development at the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate. He is also a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School and an adjunct professor of leadership at New York University.

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